19 November 2011

Little Ted, xfactor and an Evil Penguin

Yo Yo Spaghetti-O!

So I haven't been around on ye olde blog for a week or so.
Mum hasn't been very well and then her laptop died which just pushed her into an actual mental breakdown! She started playing with my toys out of sheer boredom.
There was one time when she re-enacted a whole episode of Jeremy Kyle with my Lego men ... scary!

I was just about to call the men in white coats when the new laptop lead was delivered!
Mum is back tapping away and I am treating my poor Lego men for Post-traumatic stress disorder!

So what have I been up to I hear you ask!
Well this week I have mostly been working on my singing.
I am hoping to enter Xfactor next year. I have a feeling 2012 is my year.
2012 - The year of the London Olympics, the supposed end of the world (silly Mayans!) and the year Mya Moo wins the Xfactor!!
You wait, there will be grannies all over the UK weeping at the beauty of my voice!

Here is a sneak preview just for you awesome readers!

What do you think?
I have been told my enunciation needs some work but besides that, pretty good right?

Besides singing, I haven't really been doing a lot this week. With mum being unwell we stayed in most of the time, snuggling and watching DVDs. Mum complained about having to watch Peppa Pig on repeat when our Sky box broke but I reckon deep down she really likes it. Sometimes, after I go to bed, I can still hear her watching it! She claims she forgets to turn it off... Mum, you're fooling nobody! Admit it ...
Peppa Pig is awesome!!

We had a visit from Grammy Soo too! I love my Grammy She is a little bit mental, like my mum, but she makes me laugh ...
.. AND she knitted me this teddy! He's so cute and small and I call him Little Ted.

This is me and Grammy Soo! Oh, she does make me chortle!

This is Little Ted. He's so cute I could pee!

So, yeah ... That's what I have been up to since I've been gone!
That's all (for now) folks!
Speak soon!


  1. Your Mummy always posts the MOST unflattering photos of me! And tell Mummy Little Ted was Crocheted! Not Knitted! Love your blog though Moo moo, lots of love :D xx

  2. Hi grammy! mum isn't cool enough to know the difference between knitting and crocheting! And I asked Mum to post that photo cos I look like I'm having oodles of fun! We think you look fabulous grammy!
    Love you,
    mya moomin XXXX