4 February 2012

Mya's first snow

Mya missed out on the snow last year.
We lived in a flat without a garden and she was a little too small to take out for long in the cold.
I have never much liked snow myself. It's cold, wet and has the amazing ability to throw me onto my arse  ... every time!
But there is something about it. No matter how much I want to hate it, I find it so captivating.
I looked outside the windows of my flat at all of the small children playing in the snow and couldn't wait for the time that I could to show it to Mya.

It started snowing today when Mya was in bed for her nap.
When she woke up, one of the first things she spotted was the snow falling. Her face lit up and she looked at me with her little face full of excitement and curiosity.

Look, it's snow! I said.

Running up to the window she clambered up the sofa to get a closer look at the garden sprinkled with white dust.

Snow, snow! she exclaimed.

She couldn't get dressed fast enough when we asked her if she would like to go outside. Throwing on the most random choice of clothes she bounced with anticipation.

Owside, owside!

She wandered outside into the white unknown holding on tight to her daddy.

I snapped away with my camera and this is the face I captured.

A face full of wonder.

A face full of joy.

She threw herself around in the snow, running and slipping onto her bum countless times.

She threw snowballs and tried sweeping it up with a dustpan and brush.
She didn't even seem to notice the cold biting at her cheeks and nipping at her tiny fingers.
Even when daddy got cold and announced that we should probably go inside she shook her head and carried on sweeping!

She loved it.

There really is nothing more amazing and beautiful than watching your child discovering something new.


  1. Gorgeous. I'm really hoping we wake up to some in the morning so we can introduce the little guy to snow. Love that first picture. X

  2. Thanks, I love that photo too! She will be two in a few months so she has waited a while to discover snow but it was worth the wait to see how excited she was :) x

  3. these photos are simply amazing the first oen is so beautiful such wonder :) x